We are proud to announce  that the fleet for 2019 will consist of 46 feet monohulls with a spacious four double cabin layout, wide cockpit, twin wheels and much more.. 

The majority of boats will be type  Bavaria Cruiser 46. Most importantly and thanks to our cooperation with Dream Yacht Charter the yachts will come from one single premium charter partner. This has several advantages: Dream Yacht Charter has very high quality standards and a good service. The boats are recent models and not older than 2016.  This characteristics will minimize possible problems and maximize safety and comfort on the water.

The Cockpit

The exterior space of the boat which combines lounge and controlling panels of the sailing vessel is called ¨cockpit¨. Our Yachts are equipped with two steering wheels which makes movement on the boat very fluent. The crew is able to exit the boat onto the wide swimming platform directly from the lounge without disturbing the captain.

At the same time, switching control of the boat from one person to another is fairly easy. The twin wheel gives the crew a safe opportunity to take a shot at steering the boat and feel the magic of sailing. The lounge combines a table with a ice box providing space for an comfortable dining area at anchor.

The Bedroom

The interior of the yacht hosts four cozy double cabins for a total of 8 adults. Two of the bedrooms are located in the back (aft) and the other two rooms are located in the front (bow) of the boat. The rooms fit two adults and have a small wardrobe to store clothes.

The Salon

The living area below deck is called ¨salon¨ in nautical terms. The area is located in the centre of the boat and connects directly to the open kitchen.  The sofa accommodates the crew for dinner and can be converted in an extra bed. There are several storage spaces for groceries and wine bottles. The onboard stereo system keeps the crew entertained.

The Kitchen

All of the boats have an oven, fridge and a sink in the so called ¨pantry¨. The onboard kitchen facilities make the boats independent of harbours and allows us to spend a night in the nature.  It is easy to prepare a lunch while floating in that perfect bay or grab a cold beer from the fridge. The stove and the oven are run on gas.

The Bathroom

In the mission for perfect comfort there is a minimum of 2 bathrooms installed on the boats. Each bathroom has a toilet, a small sink and camping shower. The yachts have a waste water and a fresh water tank with a capacity of 350 liter for total freedom.

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