Pirate Cruise


37° 2' 3.865" N 27° 25' 49.944" E


Situated on a beautiful peninsula, Bodrum, home of the famous Greek historian Herodotus, is these days better known as a popular holiday resort.

Enchanting villages of houses painted in white and trimmed with purple bougainvillea together with miles of sandy beaches and ideal locations for water sports.

Concerts, Yoga & SUPs

This week's goal is to relax, enjoy the nature and have some party. Moreover, we give you the tools to connect with others and the nature. Every morning and/or evening we will organize a yoga session and a sunrise stand-up paddle board tour. As a highlight we will aim to create concerts on your floating home for this week.


With long sandy beaches, a balmy climate and monuments from various historical eras, Kos is among the first Aegean islands to attract visitors.

Thanks to its big size, you can find both crowded and more isolated spots in Kos, depending on your mood.


36° 53' 29.422" N 27° 17' 15.803" E

The Route

This week's sailing route will mix two long sea legs made for a good day of sailing with a number of very short legs to enjoy the islands unspoiled nature. Connection to the nature and adventures will be the focus of the route. Sailing is highly weather dependent and safety always comes first so we never know exactly where we will end-up for the night. The location listed on this page are the ones we are planning to visit. 


43°02'39.4"N 16°05'13.1"E


The spindly, 50-mile-long Datça peninsula in Turkey’s Muğla province is a dagger of pure green at the meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and is as unsullied as south-west Turkey gets. The ancient Greeks believed Datça to have been created personally by Zeus, so gorgeous are its rocky outcrops and aquamarine waters.

The Yacht

A gulet is an all wooden handcrafted motor sailing yacht equipped with 1 or 2 masts, built for cruising the Mediterranean Coast. GULETS were originally built and used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch. Today they have been luxuriously re-designed especially for yachting holidays.


With its sophisticated ambience and period architecture, Symi promises a different island experience on the edge of the Aegean, filled with old world glamour. Symi ranks as one of the most popular summer destinations in the Mediterranan for those seeking a holiday with style, one that combines cosmopolitan flavour with old-world glamour, class and tradition. It’s an island rich with history and culture, with expensive yachts along the harbour and sailboats that make their way daily from nearby Turkey.


36° 36′ N , 27° 50′ O

What do you get?

The learnings from the holiday trip in 2018 have been perfectly translated into comfort and safety for this trip. The skipper is experienced and will be sailing the gulet + we have a private cook which will be organizing food on board. The stand-up paddle boards maximize fun on the water and personal freedom + we provide tools to relax such as yoga and hammocs.


43°00'57.9'N 16°13'28.5'E


Orhaniye is famous for its wonderful bay, unique Kizkumu beach where holidaymakers apparently walk in the middle of the sea, water sports, Marti Marina, yacht club, the castle remains belonging to the ancient city of Bybassos, cafes and restaurants by the beach front. Yachts anchoring to Hisaronu Gulf always spend their nights in Orhaniye.

Onboard Expenses

The boats are provided net of all on-board expenses. The crew shares the costs for the following activities and skippers are excluded from this costs.  Depending on crew preferences and the number of nights spend in a harbour expenses average around 175€ + 75€ deposit for a week of sailing. 

  • Harbour fees

  • Fuel for the yacht

  • Insurance

  • Food & Drinks

  • Fresh Water and Waste Water

  • Deposit for equipment (75€)

  • Tourism Tax 

  • Food for the skipper


The small turkish island Karaada lays at the entrance of the harbour of Bodrum and ist famous for yachting.


43° 23.865' N 16° 12.300' E

The Booking Process

The booking process is defined in 'how it works'. The booking process is aligned with the overall goal to create a group of sailors that share the same mindset and become friends. For this reason, we conduct  a short interview to make sure expectations are right. Finally, the terms of payment are 50/50 to make the participation more affordable. 

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