Sail & Jam Flotilla Athens

Sail & Jam

This week's goal is to relax, party and enjoy life. In the beginning we will start with a concert night on the boats. Followed by the other days sailing, exploring these beautiful greek islands, go for a dive, drift off with the dinghy or whatever you prefer.


Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who yearns to experience some reality of the country she is visiting. Those who are well travelled in Greece will note that Aegina is not as “manicured” as some islands popular with foreign tourists. It hosts mainly Greek weekend visitors. This simply adds to the charm. 


43° 23.865' N 16° 12.300' E

The Route

This week's sailing route will mix two long sea legs made for a good day of sailing with a number of very short legs to play music and enjoy the night life. The  little greek islands have a buzing night life and a stunning natural beauty. Sailing is highly weather dependent and safety always comes first so we never know exactly where we will end-up for the night. The location listed on this page are the ones we are planning to visit. 


43°09'21.5"N 16°25'05.0"E


The volcanic peninsula Methana is one of the most impressive regions in the saronic sea. The peninsula is entirely of volcanic origin.

The Yachts

The yachts are new 46 feet monohulls with a twin wheel, 4 double cabin layout. The maximal number of persons per boat is 7 and the skipper will have a private space to rest after a hard day of sailing.  Onboard facilities for a maximum level of comfort include a fridge, oven, stove, 3 bathrooms, bow-thruster, swimming platform, a dinghy, a stereo-system  with outboard and many more...


Small boats bearing visitors come and go across the channel. When you land you encounter quaint tavernas, yacht marinas, neoclassical buildings, a clock tower, pine forests reaching the sea, serenity and relaxation. On foot, by bike or by boat, Poros invites you to discover its charming simplicity. 


43°05'31.8"N 16°42'04.6"E

What do you get?

The learnings from the holiday trip in 2018 and 2019 have been perfectly translated into comfort and safety for this trip. None of the boats is older than 2016 from the same owner with a high service level. Skippers are experienced and have private space to rest. The dinghy and the stand-up paddle boards maximize fun on the water and personal freedom + we provide tools to relax such as yoga and hammocs.


43°11'27.2"N 16°25'48.9"E


Hydra is deservedly one of the most popular destinations from the region of Athens. The port of Hydra has a scenic location in a deep harbour, with whitewashed houses rising on the hills on both sides from an azure blue sea.

Onboard Expenses

The boats are provided net of all on-board expenses. The crew shares the costs for the following activities and skippers are excluded from this costs.  Depending on crew preferences and the number of nights spend in a harbour expenses average around 175€ + 75€ for a week of sailing.

  • Harbour fees

  • Fuel for the yacht

  • Insurance (25€)

  • Food & Drinks

  • Fresh Water and Waste Water

  • Deposit for equipment (75€)

  • Tourism Tax

  • Food for the skipper


A luxurious green island, known from the antiquity as Pittioussa - the pine-Clad. The favorite resort of Athenians. 

Beautiful pebble-beaches, secluded coves, quiet walks in hills, magnificent sunsets, fancy nightlife.


43° 23.865' N 16° 12.300' E

The Booking Process

Moni Beach

43°10'19.7"N 16°26'28.7"E

Moni Beach

A visit to the island of Moni, opposite Aegina, is highly recommended for nature, sun & sea lovers. Enjoy it's fantastically clean waters and beautiful nature with its animals, the only inhabitants of the island.

The booking process is defined in 'how it works' and seperated in 3 distinct phases. The booking process is aligned with the overall goal to create a group of sailors that share the same mindset and become friends.  For this reason, we conduct a short interview to get to know everybody and set expectations. Finally, the terms of payment are 50/50 to make the participation more affordable. 

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