Ahoi Sailor

The mission of the trip is to create a unique relaxing experience under sails, in a friendly environment while introducing people to the cruising life.

The berths are given away on a first comes, first sails system. If you want to share a cabin with a friend, book a full cabin. In case you are travelling alone you will share a double bed with a fellow sailor. We also offer a limited amount of private cabins. Finally, if you want to be on the same boat with a befriended sailor please indicate this in the description and we will try to accomodate your wish once the bookings are closed.

After your booking request has been received we will verify the details and confirm your booking. 

*This booking request is binding. You will receive an answer to the request within 7 days. In all cases we will ask a date for a short telephone interview and then confirm your booking.

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If you have general interest at joining the project we are happy to get in contact wih you as soon as possible. Drop us your detilas.

Theboatboys.de is a brand operated by Tubber B.V registered in the Netherlands made for theme based cabin charter. explicitly designed for customer from multiple countries independent of the .de top level domain.