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Are you looking for a once in a lifetime (road) trip on the water?  The project seeks to unite people within the same lifestyle from different countries while offering a safe, spacious and creative sailing environment. We aim to create a safe but interactive experience for the entire group and not just a profit.

Learn about Sailing

The trip is designed to introduce you to the cruising lifestyle.

Sailing skills are no requirement to join the trip. All you need is a sense of adventure, wanderlust and love for the outdoors.

The boats are in the hands of experienced skippers who will show you the ropes!

Freedom | Comfort | Outdoor

A new day, a new beach - Nothing brings you and all of your belongings closer to a remote beach than a sailing yacht. The boats are equipment with toilets, showers, kitchen, a number of private sleeping rooms and much more. Check out our boats for the next projects

What's the difference to a Hotel?

You will never wake-up closer to that paradise beach again

Travel completely off the beaten track with a high level of comfort

Connect to the nature and the sea 


Connect to others and make new friendships

Yoga | Cinema | SUPs | Live-Music

The most important asset of the project is the mellow vibe. You will bring the stress, we give you the tools to relax. Morning yoga workshops, sunset Stand-up Paddle Board tours, open air movie night and a life concert will charge your battery.

Tanja (28), Germany

I joined the trip alone in the search for an adventure, to meet new people and to do something I never did before. Before the start of the trip, I was afraid to be alone or get into a teenage party week. In the end, I disembarked the boat with 30 new friendships in my baggage. Somehow everybody felt connected on the same level. It was amazing, thank you for opening up my horizon.

Jasper (27), Netherlands

I never experienced freedom and such a high level of comfort at the same time while travelling. Especially the on-deck live concert at anchor in front of a tiny island felt like holiday for my soul.

Leonie (22), Portugal

Thank you so much for thinking of inviting me to this trip. It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I met wonderful people and made friendships (and opportunities for more trips) had a summer fling , saw nice places, sailed for the first time in my life and loved it, and I m thinking I might also take lessons for license, and I remember things about myself. In my most difficult days I think about the trip and smile.

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If you have general interest at joining the project we are happy to get in contact wih you as soon as possible. Drop us your detilas. is a brand operated by Tubber B.V registered in the Netherlands made for theme based cabin charter. explicitly designed for customer from multiple countries independent of the .de top level domain.